Feasibility Analysis

With our appraisal background we initially complete our own in-house feasibility and appraisal analysis on all proposed projects, performing in depth economic analyses on total direct and indirect development costs of a project in comparison to its projected operating statement to determine the project’s income producing potential and financial viability. These pre-development feasibility studies are subsequently compared to outside 3rd party independent market studies, appraisals, and analysis retained by our lenders and financial partners.


Underlying our analysis is the strong conviction that the real estate business has become increasingly complex and more volatile, especially with the effects of national and international economic upheavals, increasing bank regulations, the movement of foreign capital, scarce resources, and constantly fluctuating interest rates and currency markets.


Our advantage in the markets we serve is largely a result of our ability to quickly analyze various situations, anticipate ever changing markets, and match this foresight with the requirements of our clients. Our objective is to help our clients by examining their alternatives and detailing plans of action, which have a high probability of maximizing returns.

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